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“The camera is one of the most creative tools ever invented – Learn to use it well and the possibilities are endless.” – Mike Brown

Gift Vouchers are available if you’d like to treat someone to some Photo Training.

I can provide vouchers as a card to give personally or I can send a voucher electronically.

If you would like a voucher please contact Mike HERE

Photography Training for all levels

Learn to create amazing photographs

Whatever you want to do and whatever level you are at I can help you make wonderful images.

Digital or Analogue Tuition

Whether you want to be a Digital master or enjoy the fine art of the Darkroom - you're in the right place.

Images are everywhere - we just need to see

Why learn with Mike

Mike has been a full time photographer and Educator for nearly 30 years. His mission is to help you to learn things that will help you to make the most from your camera and the visual opportunities you find. 

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